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What does Templar do for our Community?
Our email distribution list are emails we share about activities in the neighborhood and surrounding area; such as forwarding email from board members, missing dogs, etc. Please provide us first name, last name, email address and phone number for everyone that should be on this list.
Our emergency text alerts are used to relay vital information to the neighborhood. Would be used for home invasions, police chase or suspicious activity. We request that you save this number as a separate contact on your phone so that you’re not responding or using as a primary means of communication with us. Please provide us first name, last name and phone number for everyone that should receive our emergency text alerts.
Next item is the license plate recognition readers currently being installed in the neighborhood. We are in the process of creating a white list, this list gives explicit access to the neighborhood with no security alerts given to us. Please provide us with vehicle make, Model, Year, Color, License Plate # and License Plate State.
If you would like domestic staff, family, or friends to be included in any of these list please include them.
#’s to keep on file
Sherwood Security – 281-780-1841 this number is monitored 24/7
TSOG Supervisor – 832-741-1758 this number is monitored 24/7
Emergency alert – 833-602-8333 – the 833 is not a typo, please save as a separate contact
Angel Leon
Who do we contact if the street needs repair?
Please call 311 and make a request for street repairs.
Here is a link that may help:
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